“The Worst President in History” eBook now Available for Pre-Order!

A couple of days ago the eBook of The Worst President in History: The Legacy of Barack Obama was made available for pre-orders on Amazon.com for a special low price of 99 cents.

It has been an exciting couple of days, and we’ve seen lots pre-orders being made, and, as a result, some impressive rankings on Amazon. We broke into the top 5,000 ebooks overall, and had some impressive rankings in various book categories as well, particularly in the Biographies of US Presidents category:


Not only did we make it into the top four for that category, our book was the number one “Hot New Release” for the category!


Both the eBook and the paperback will be available for sale in July. So, if you’re waiting for the paperback, sign up here to be alerted when you can get a copy. If you’re a Kindle owner, we suggest taking advantage of the pre-order sale, before the price goes up!